Updating pkg config intimidating polish translation

As far as we know, pkgconf is compatible with all known variations of this macro.

pkgconf detects at runtime whether or not it was started as 'pkg-config', and if so, attempts to set program options such that its behaviour is similar.

It allows programmers and installation scripts to work without explicit knowledge of detailed library path information.When a library is installed (automatically through the use of an RPM, deb, or other binary packaging system or by compiling from the source), a files (the exact directory is dependent upon your system and outlined in the pkg-config man page). These entries typically contain a list of dependent libraries that programs using the package also need to compile.Entries also typically include the location of header files, version information and a description.pkgconf is basically compiled the same way any other autotools-based project is compiled: There are a few defines such as SYSTEM_LIBDIR, PKGCONFIGDIR and SYSTEM_INCLUDEDIR.However, on Windows, the default PKGCONFIGDIR value is usually overridden at runtime based on path relocation.

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