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The sexual abuse of boys results in a lesser sentence than the same crime against a girl. An AP survey indicated that over a three year time frame there were 5,000 valid sexual abuse claims against teachers. Justice Department, Department of Education, Mental Health Association, you can get all sorts of statistics. I do know that the catholic leadership has made several very public apologies for the abuse over the last few years. And, when one looks at the actual numbers that is simply not the case.

That is the same number of priests over a period of thirty years. Some of us spend time on other boards rather than playing War-Craft, or something of that nature. Disagree with a christian and here comes the personal insults. In fact noncatholic religions have a greater problem with sexual abuse amongst their ministers and youth workers.

Even to the point of covering up their crimes and then re-assigning them to other churches where they continued to prey on children. From my perspective, when the first news of sexual abuse surfaced many years ago, bishops should have been taking account of what was happening in their own dioceses. My understanding is that some of the teachers are sent to other schools or given administrative assignments. The Diocese of New Ulm, MN.: is being sued by a Nevada man who claims he was abused by Rev.

not to excuse the bishops, but I personally wonder if some of the bishops understood the gravity of the problem. Francis Markey, a Catholic priest recently extradited from Indiana to Ireland on charges he sexually abused a boy there in 1968. and defrocked priest Ronald Provost are defendants in a suit filed by a man who alleges Provost sexually assaulted him during the priest's tenure at Holy Angels Church in Upton.

The stranger in a trench coat hiding in the bushes also is a rarity. Girls are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse, 3 to 1, boys are less likely to report sexual abuse. I do not know of any catholics who deny that this was a terrible situation. Perhaps maybe I misunderstood your commentary.(Though I liked the warcraft comment)The way I read your comments is that the sexual abuse scandal involves large amounts of victims and abusers over a vast period of time.Statistically, and this is what Patrick was pointing out, the number of priests who have abused children in comparison, to all cases of sexual abuse of children is very small.Family and friends, teachers, and youth workers still account for the majority of perpetrators.In regards to religion catholic priest are about 1.1% of abusers while non-catholic clergy are at 2.2% of abusers.Have you ever noticed that no one is saying anything about the teacher sex abuse crisis that is going on now.

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