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Letterman, like certain chat producers, is from Indiana, where only the tough survive. Liz Kelly: Oddly, Paul is also a ruddy white guy with reddish hair. He might as well have claimed that he meant Hillary Clinton. I can't imagine what would happen if the Palins suddenly started listening to Howard Stern. Please write in with your name and address and Producer Paul will see that I get it. _______________________ Quatch Cave: Real World DC: As Real as You Want It To Be Liz Kelly: Not bad. J." and I find it hard to believe that Teresa -- she of the bubbies -- has ever seen "Shakespeare in Love." _______________________ Real World DC: We act important but we aren't. Real World DC - it's not just for old white guys anymore. That said, I think he is a genuinely nice guy who is very sincere about serious stuff (post 9/11, his family, etc.) Just my .02 Liz Kelly: Thanks for weighing in. C.: Real World DC: Because 26 seasons just weren't enough OR Real World DC: Please stand to the left Liz Kelly: Hahahaha. I crawled into their room to make sure she was ok and then I saw it.

I mean, come on, these guys are known for their edginess. _______________________ That Guy: Real World DC: They think they're important and they aren't even interns Liz Kelly: I appreciate the sentiment, but the wording needs some polish. As for the comedy duo they most remind me of: A little Tom and Jerry, a little Smothers Brothers, a little Liam and Noel Gallagher. _______________________ Arlington VA: Real World, DC: Code Orange Alert! 8 year olds don't need to see it and I have slept with a fan to cover noises for the past 19 years because of that awful experience. Liz Kelly: I never walked in on my folks, but I can assure you I was similarly traumatized by that Chloe Sevigny/Vincent Gallo scene in "Brown Bunny." _______________________ Equal opportunity offenders: Is it possible to find both Sarah Palin and David Letterman offensive simultaneously?

On another note, "The View" is on and I really think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is annoying. _______________________ Quash Cave: Real World DC: They're real. Discuss, and for extra credit detail Jimmy Kimmel's genetic structure. C.: In what alternative universe can anybody believe that Letterman was thinking of the 18-year-old Palin daughter, instead of the 14-year-old WHO WAS ACTUALLY AT THE BASEBALL GAME WITH HER MOTHER? I don't think most of her fan base is looking at her thumbs. _______________________ Real World, DC: We're not at liberty to say. _______________________ methinks: Shia should be hereby banned from telling us any more about his family life. And I have a question, why would the Carradine family want any more investigation into the way David died? Liz Kelly: The last statement I saw from the Carradine family indicated that they suspected David was murdered by a group of martial arts assassins whom he was investigating. _______________________ Book winner -- we got your address. Liz Kelly: The latest: Jon was spotted dining with yet another woman who is not his wife (though she is the daughter of his wife's plastic surgeon). _______________________ The kids: Andy, Opie and Page ... I am no longer with this man, but I was a 25-year-old dating a 38-year-old man. " Liz Kelly: I think it's a stretch to say that implies Palin's daughter is a prostitute.

Liz Kelly: Has anyone watched that Benjamin Bratt show, "The Cleaner," on A&E? They're all from the wussy Northeast. Letterman claiming, after the fact, that oh, I really meant the older girl is just not credible in the least. And, by the way, for anybody who actually thinks those jokes are funny, try substituting Michelle Obama for Sarah Palin and Malia Obama for Willow, and THEN tell me how funny you think the joke is. But, again, this isn't the first time Letterman has crossed what most would consider to be the line. Apparently that investigation required him to wear a wig and pink fishnets. The urchin that outs Gwyneth as a girl says, "He was kissing her bubbies" in relation to Joseph Feines. Liz Kelly: Okay -- but in this case, the provenance was "Real Housewives of N. Andy and Opie will be by to drop off the prize soon. Does it imply that she's a young woman who Spitzer might find attractive? Wait -- I'm suddenly finding myself in the position of defending David Letterman's indefensible jokes. _______________________ Atlanta: Liz, In Letterman's defense, I would say that his trademark is sarcasm, which sometimes goes too far and is hard to take. I thought I heard my mom crying, and both my brothers came out of their rooms as well.

_______________________ Real World DC: As inane as Congress, just younger.

Liz Kelly: Or maybe "lame as" would be a more MTV-friendly term? _______________________ Real World DC: Mistakes will be made.

Liz Kelly: Well, this is the same woman who, on the campaign trail, hinted that Barack Obama was a terrorist. _______________________ Sarah Palin: I can't remember if I saw this from a link you posted, but did you see the photo in the Huffington Post of Palin's wacky pedicure? (PHOTOS, POLL) Why would she think that is appropriate for a governor? _______________________ Real World DC: To the Best of Our Recollection Liz Kelly: Haha.

_______________________ Real World DC: Real World DC: If you don't get it, you don't get it.. _______________________ The real Entourage Ari: So Rahm Emanuel's brother, Ari, is the inspiration for Ari in "Entourage"? _______________________ Carradine Update Breaking News: This just in: LOS ANGELES (AP) - The independent forensics expert who examined David Carradine's body says the actor didn't commit suicide, and Carradine's brothers are asking for understanding as Thai authorities investigate... Michael Baden (BAH'-den), who said Carradine's death wasn't a suicide. _______________________ David Letterman: The Palins should have done the smart thing and just ignored Letterman instead of going way overboard with this rape crap. From Fishbowl DC: Owen Wilson Shows DC Journos Some Love Liz Kelly: He's in town filming with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd.

Eric is Vince's manager -- who is supposed to work with Ari to ensure the deals keep coming, but also to wrangle the talent. _______________________ Real World DC stand to the Right.: Golden. ick nast ick nast ick nast Liz Kelly: Celebritology: Helping You Relive Your Childhood Traumas.A bunch of the "Entourage" plot seems to be pulled right from the real Ari's Hollywood agency powerplay life (from a recent NYT profile). He said further information from Thailand is needed for a final determination. _______________________ Alexandria, Va.: Letterman is a "genuinely nice guy"? Okay, maybe he was traumatized into some acts of humanity and kindness way back in 2001, but he's usually mean and self-absorbed. How an unfunny joke can be twisted to infer child rape is just mind boggling. _______________________ Owen Wilson in DC: I saw Owen Wilson eating lunch at Founding Farmers this afternoon. _______________________ Andy and Opie: I thought it was obvious: Andy and Opie ARE Andy and Opie. Mayberry RFD) Liz Kelly: They're not really father and son, though.Help me on one thing though -- what is the difference between what Ari on the show does and the star's agent? Liz Kelly: I haven't watched for a couple of seasons now, but you're asking what the difference is between Ari and Eric, right? Liz Kelly: Didn't we already pretty much know this wasn't a suicide? Real fans will admit he has no bias: he's nasty to all genders, religions, incomes, etc. If anybody should have been offended by the "joke" it's Alex Rodriguez. Opie is hardly willing to sit still for life lessons from Andy.But maybe what this project needs is a boost from ick nast wunderkind Shia La Beouf. : yeah, i realized they were REALLY desparate when they did the crossover with Emeril._______________________ Nosy Parker: Real World DC, where wet T-shirt contests in summer require no added water. Liz Kelly: Well to be fair, I'm sure that was taped weeks ago.

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