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If you’re the sort of person who carries around a large number of individual items, the Icon is a dream bag.

By our count it has 21 pockets and sections—enough for anyone who needs to take their office with them.

It’s also stable, so when you put it on the ground, you know it won’t fall over. A sternum strap, excellent back padding, and thoughtful adjustment points on the shoulder straps make the Icon comfortable to wear even when heavily loaded.

The large number and array of pockets allow you to load a huge amount into it.

There’s not enough room for adjustment to substantially shift the fit.

But the bag also has a second dedicated compartment, reached from the side of the bag, just for holding tablets.After testing hundreds of bags over the course of our careers, these are the ones we would personally recommend to our own friends and family.We’ve focused on bags that cost less than 0, because if you spend more than that you’re almost guaranteed to get something good. If we’re missing something, please let us know in the comments or via email, and we’ll check it out when we can.We also would’ve liked to see YKK zippers, but the ones they’ve used are very smooth.Even the best padding won’t make up for a bag that won’t sit on your body right.

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