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The Garisenda Tower was initially 60 meter long but was lowered in the 14th century to 48 meter in order to make it safer.Located in a remote area of western Afghanistan, the Minaret of Jam was built in the 12th century as part of a mosque.Svaneti is Georgia’s remote northern province, a land of cultivated cornfields, small villages and ancient towers.The famous towers were built for defence against northern tribes and avalanches. They provided a safe retreat for everyone who climbed a rope stair, which could then be pulled up behind them.Towers have been built by mankind since prehistoric times.The walls of ancient Jericho, one of the first city walls ever built, was complemented by a stone tower.

The minaret is 72 meters high (237.8 feet) with 379 steps leading to the top making it the world’s tallest brick minaret.Located in northern Ethiopia, Axum was the original capital of the eponymous kingdom of Axum.Axum was a naval and trading power that ruled the region from around 400 BC to 1000 AD.The major Aksumite monuments in the town are stelae.The tallest standing tower is the 24 meter (79 ft) King Ezana’s Stele.

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