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The much-anticipated Agassi-Courier rivalry never took off.

Agassi eventually matured into a thoughtful, disciplined player -- he married legendarily focused tennis champion Steffi Graf and would finish his career with eight major singles titles -- but by then, Courier was long gone.

Wearing his trademark baseball cap, he just showed up at the courts every day and got down to business. He won four major championships in two years while Agassi struggled to reach his potential.

The actor was a pallbearer at her funeral in Ireland.

In 2016, Carrey was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit from his late girlfriend's husband, Mark Burton, her mother, Brigid Sweetman, and their lawyer, Filippo Marchino, accusing him of illegally obtaining and giving her the powerful painkillers she used to kill herself in September 2015.

"Certainly when I looked across the net I wanted to beat him more than anything else in my life." Early next year, the two tennis legends will face off again as part of the Power Shares Series, a relaxed, mix-and-match but competitive senior tennis tour that also features John Mc Enroe, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick and other former champions. Courier and Agassi, both 43, are friends now, and Agassi said he doesn't blame Courier for giving him the cold shoulder in their younger days. My own sensibilities were skewed during those years." Real friendships were difficult to forge on the tour, Agassi said.

"I simply was a guy who wasn't easy to like in my teenage years," Agassi said. "When you're on the world stage playing for your dreams, it doesn't serve you to expose yourself to someone, to let them know what's really going on.

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