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His first product called How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed was created in 1992.It was a course that taught men how to use NLP and hypnosis to lead women into pleasurable states." "If you are going to build an auto-pilot, why not build an auto-pilot that flies the plan in stead of crashes into the ground." "Learning and skills are state dependent and your state can be designed controlled and created by you." "I never get rejected, I only discover if a woman has good taste." "When I don't know what to do, I take a bold step forward." "You let action and reality teach you what will work rather than your worry, guessing or speculation." "I make no apology for my desires as a man." Ross Jeffries was a comedy writer who discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Eriksonian Hypnosis in the late 80's and early 90's when he trained with the co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler.In 1992 he created his first product and soon thereafter started teaching seminars on Speed Seduction.It soon expanded into teaching a variety of seduction techniques and tactics besides Speed Seduction.

I’ll keep you posted and remember: even seduction gurus can and do fall in love!In recent years Ross Jeffries has moved away from strict use of rehearsed patterns and more towards the spontaneous creation of hypnotic language, building confidence through inner game techniques as well as yoga and meditation techniques."Leave her better than you found her." "I never know what physical type a woman will go for so I always go for it congruently and powerfully." "Love, fascination, desire, lust are not 'things' but processes that take place in the human, mind, brain,physiology and neurology." "The kind of questions you ask yourself control you think.There is also a much stronger emphasis on empowering beliefs and inner game to help students feel more confident in their interactions with women."The undisputed father of modern seduction is Ross Jeffries" - Kezia Noble In October 2010 Ross Jeffries announced to all his students on his email list with photo that he had a new Danish girlfriend, Christina.

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