G dragon dating

So Dispatch finally released who is this year idol couple??Actually I don't really shocked about this dating news..Their “relationship” was short-lived however, as it was soon revealed that Nana was dating a Japanese actor.Taeyeon Mostly based off Instagram activity and social media similarities, the Taeyeon x G-Dragon shipping has to be the most unrealistic of the lot (sorry Tae Gon shippers! Needless to say, both SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have quickly debunked the rumours which started after Jiko’s demise, and Taeyeon x Baekhyun’s actual breakup back in 2015.Whoever posted the clip (GD or Joo Hyun) forgot to set the clip as “not-sharing”, so it has been basically shared very quickly.After the clip was posted, it was taken down by Lee Joo Hyun abruptly. Some fans who believe that they were caught dating but most fans believe that they are friends like Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi.Dispatch reporters even got pictures of their cars heading into each others’ apartments.Then, on December 15, G-Dragon was spotted getting into his Rolls Royce and heading to Gimpo Airport around 2 PM to take a flight to Jeju Island.

According to Dispatch, the two South Korean celebrities spent four days and three nights on Jeju island for a vacation together.And between eagle-eyed netizens sleuthing their way through suspiciously similar social media posts to hackers leaking photos from GD’s private IG account, there’s no wonder his list of dating scandals is impressively long (and detailed) for an Korean celebrity. Hee Dragon erupted from the ‘Wonder Bang’ era back in 2007 when BIGBANG and Wonder Girls had frequent collaborations onstage starting with a ‘Lies’ and ‘Tell Me’ medley.While there were countless of ships including TOP x Yoobin and Sunye x Taeyang.No official statement was issued at the time, but speculation has now started up again after fans started digging up various photos shared by G-Dragon and Jooyeon on social media.Fans have noticed that several photos shared by G-Dragon and Jooyeon seemingly reveals that the two were at the same locations at the same time, thus fueling rumours that they are indeed dating.

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