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The issue can be explained by the country's high poverty rate.

A quarter of the population lives below the bread line, which makes many women turn to sex work to put food on the table.

Males are also able to go to strip clubs and pay an 'exit fee' to the establishment to take a prostitute back to their hotels or resorts.

De Rogatis discusses a wide range of evidence, from purity literature for young evangelicals to sex manuals for married couples to deliverance manuals, which instruct believers in how to expel demons that enter the body through sexual sin.

Putting sex on the scholarly agenda in a compelling way, she makes a fundamental contribution to the materialization of Religious Studies in general, and of Protestantism in particular.

Long dismissed as prudish and disembodied, Protestantism is rediscovered here as sexually engaged and self-aware." - David Morgan, Professor and Department Chair of Religious Studies, Duke University "Resisting the temptation of a playful romp through evangelical marriage manuals, Amy De Rogatis seriously engages the sexual ambivalences of born-again Christianity, particularly the insistent pursuit of both purity and pleasure.

If you're traveling to the country around the Christmas holidays, you'll probably see a large number of girls working to make money to buy gifts.

Male prostitutes are also common and contribute to the country's high rate of HIV and AIDS infection.

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