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These actions are part of a concerted pattern of silencing non-state-affiliated intellectuals in Egypt."While I publish everywhere in the world, I cannot do so in my own country," said Aswany in a recent interview.

Under Egypt's new government, he added, "freedom of expression does not exist, the situation is worse than under Mubarak".

Indeed the protagonist meets women, has sex, and the words 'condom', 'kissing', 'pussy', 'cock', 'sucking' and 'licking' appear.

This adult language prompted an Egyptian man to file a case against Naji for "threatening his sense of morality".

It appears that the Egyptian government has yet to catch up with its own people's linguistic creativity and perhaps is becoming more guarded than some of the most conservative states in the region. In 2005, Raja Al Sanae, a young Saudi Arabian author debuted her first novel – Girls of Riyadh – that according to press reports featured "gay teenagers, predatory lesbians, women drinking alcohol at weddings and husbands with unsavoury sexual demands".The book was so controversial that it prompted two men to file a case against the author and the Ministry of Information for allowing the publication of a book that "tarnished the image of Saudi women".The two men lost their case and not only was the author not sent to jail, the Girls of Riyadh was celebrated and went on to sell over three million copies.On the right side of the papyrus (above) animals perform various human tasks as musicians, soldiers, and artisans.The artist meant this piece too as satire, alleges.

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