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How about dinner on a Helipad on the 55th floor of the Shangri La hotel overlooking the bright lights of the Doha skyline below.

If you enjoy more of a cultural holiday, Doha has that, too.

With a surprisingly modern Oriental decor, this Qatari institution will delight the most curious among you and all those enamored by Persian culture.

Visitors here will see all the sophistication of the Arab world laid out before their very eyes, and they are sure to be enchanted by these illuminations, these colorful ceramics, these ancient manuscripts…However, Doha is also a city that preserves its past, its Bedouin roots, most notably at the Souq Waqif.

For it is indeed this luxury and splendor that characterizes the city of Doha above all else, just like its famous Museum of Islamic Art.

Designed by the architect behind the Louvre pyramid in Paris, the museum has a collection of Muslim works dating back over the last fourteen centuries.

Spend the day dune bashing through the desert, gripping the edge of your seat as you ride along the beautifully vast landscape, stopping to see the unique inland sea along the way.

This labyrinth market is filled with anything you could think of: traditional handicrafts, garments, souvenirs, spices, and delicious restaurants.

Get a look at ancient Islamic times at the Museum of Islamic Art.

The price is only guaranteed at the time of reservation.

I gently rocked back and forth as my boat idled through the calm bay, mesmerized by the intricate architecture of the West Bay area in front of me.

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