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Many of the golf shots by Roy Mc Avoy (Kevin Costner) were made by Costner himself.

The scene at the end of the movie where Roy Mc Avoy hits the shot into the water hazard again and again was based on an actual event.

Now, with renewed confidence, Roy "Tin Cup" Mc Avoy, a nobody from nowhere, shocks the golf world by breaking the U. Open record for a single round by shooting a 62, thus making the cut. Open tournament, Roy, Simms, and real-life PGA Tour pro Peter Jacobsen (playing himself) are in a three-way battle to win the U. Simms, for the 4th straight day, lays up at the 18th hole, playing it safe, although this takes him out of championship contention.

Roy's third round is also excellent and moves him into contention, but on all three rounds, he refuses to lay up on the par-5 18th hole, hitting the ball into the water hazard each time. Romeo urges that Roy does likewise to birdie and win the U. Open, but is urged by Molly to be himself and "go for it".

Molly, who gained several clients at the tournament, prepares for a career of helping players with the mental portion of the game. Janine Turner was reportedly the first choice for the role of Molly Griswold, but she turned it down.

Michelle Pfeiffer was also approached before Rene Russo was then cast.

The next day David Simms shows up at Roy's trailer ahead of a local benefit tournament.

The film's climactic scenes take place at a fictional U. The movie's 18th hole is actually the 4th hole on Kingwood's Deerwood course; the lake that guards the front of the green on this beautiful and difficult par-5, actually a par 4 in real life, was built for the movie by the film company.

There are (credited) cameo appearances by pro golfers, including Gary Mc Cord, Phil Mickelson, Craig Stadler, Johnny Miller, Lee Janzen, Corey Pavin, Fred Couples, and Billy Mayfair—as well as TV golf broadcasters Jim Nantz, Ken Venturi, Gary Mc Cord, Ben Wright, Frank Chirkinian, Lance Barrow, Peter Kostis and Jimmy Roberts —all playing themselves.

Seeing that trying to change Roy is a mistake, Molly encourages him to be himself.

At Molly's suggestion, Roy offers another wager with Simms, the leader after the first round and actually wins the bet and wins Molly's heart as well. Jacobsen finishes with a par on 18, tied for the lead with Roy and one shot ahead of Simms.

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