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Alex then transports herself into the car during the race to talk to Dean, who reveals he likes her. After Alex eliminates the other couples so that she can be alone with Dean, she realizes he wants to kiss her.

On the date, she tries to distract Dean so that he won't, but after he tells her he likes her too much, they kiss.

Also starring in the series are Maria Canals Barrera and David De Luise as their parents, Theresa and Jerry, and Jennifer Stone as Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle.

Harper now knows that Alex, Justin and Max are wizards.

Alex then reveals she's in love with Dean, so is transformed back.

When Justin meets Max's Tutor, Tutor, he gets a crush on her and they begin dating.He's, however, creeped out that she has become such good friends with his sister. Tipton, he falls for London Tipton who, as not the smartest, believes he's a doctor so agrees to date him.After Tutor's finished teaching Max, she can't come back anymore so they have to break up, but Justin realizes he was only drawn to her as she's half-elf. When Justin gets pulled away from their date as he has to get his picture taken for winning the competition, London sees him and says he looks exactly like her date. When the Van Heusen family open a sandwich shop right next to the Sub Station, they begin to lose business.Justin says he doesn't care, and kisses her but she reveals when you kiss a werewolf, you become a werewolf so Justin and Isabella run into the forest together.Justin's family find him and undo the spell to make him a wizard again.

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