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(That it hasn’t before, or not on prime time, is because reality shows have been really dedicated to the romantic idea that love can sprout in crazy circumstances and overcome all.Travelers at the airport are often anxious about their luggage, and those moments waiting for bags to show up on a turnstile can seem like forever after a long in-flight journey. The video shows the bag leaving the check-in desk, where it is assigned a tag with barcode that indicates where it needs to go.Honestly, the best part of this show was when girls investigated dudes' rooms and turned on a blacklight so she could find all the semen stains on the sheets. Yeah, really, folks were meant to find love during a three day stay on a Carnival Cruise.

The show was a hit, and the rest is history, resulting in countless television shows about strangers falling in love.

Then, the person who is "singled out" is grilled with a bunch of thirsty questions.

If any of these shows makes a comeback, it should be this one. Basically, the dudes competing for one lucky lady's heart had to wear masks for the duration of the show.

Might as well own up to it, and not drag the thing out.

Thus, my high hopes for , a speed dating reality TV show, which should have existed a long time ago.

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