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Joe and Gigi didn’t even wait a respectable amount of time before going public with their relationship, and based on all their paparazzi-accompanied strolls and dates, they clearly have no interest in hiding the fact that they’re dating – either from Blanda or the public.Perhaps this is Joe’s way of getting revenge on Blanda for getting him hooked onto drugs and/or keeping him hooked onto drugs. I got nothing except that she’s a shitty best friend.Joe Jonas clearly doesn’t care about playing by the rules, since he’s moved on from ex-girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, by dating her best friend, Gigi Hadid.Isn’t that breaking some sort of unspoken rule about dating friends, and shouldn’t Blanda and Gigi have more problems over this?Joe and Blanda broke up in July after two years of dating, supposedly because Joe was trying to get clean and Blanda’s druggie influences were not helping with that.But by moving on to her best friend, it’s almost as though he’s sending her a message – either that, or the three of them are trapped in some sort of weird, polygamous relationship.

I block the former apple of my eye on every social platform. Would you ever guess I’ve even It’s not for lack of trying. We even met for dinner and attempted to exchange pleasantries over tacos.But I just can’t get comfortable with the idea of being 100% friends with someone who’s been inside of me (that’s an honor literally none of my other friends hold).My friendships are very different from my romantic relationships; they come with less emotional baggage and have a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect (also there’s the part about not having been inside of me).Plus, Gigi JUST split with Cody Simpson, but she apparently couldn’t wait to get with Joe.Clearly, she had no consideration for Blanda’s feelings on this matter, and it almost seems as though Joe and Gigi might even have had an affair when they were still dating their significant others.

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