Backdating business history

Therefore, as an example, if the rateable value of a property in England was £26,000, this would be £26,000 x 0.458 = £11,908 less any reliefs that are applicable.

In Wales this would be £26,000 x 0.452 = £11,752 less any reliefs that are applicable.

Your request must be in writing and this can be done either by: We can backdate your Housing Benefit for a maximum of one month from the date you submitted your backdate request.

We may be able to pay you Housing Benefit for up to three months before the date you claimed.

According to the Government, businesses will see no change in the way their business rate bills are calculated, but they will have a much greater incentive to work with local councils in making the right business decisions for their area.

The Local Government Finance Act, passed in November 2012, gives effect to the reforms which are expected to be implemented from April 2013.

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